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When the Lilliputians first saw Gulliver's watch,that "wonderful kind of engine...a globe,half of silver and half of some transparent metal," they identified it immediately as the god he worshipped.After all,"he seldom did anything without consulting it: he called it his oracle,and said it pointed out the time for every action of his life." To Jonathan Swift in 1726 that was worth a bit of satire.Modernity was under way.We're all Gullivers now.
Or are we Yahoos?
James Gleick "Faster"

It's rather strange to talk in these terms about a subject,which after all,is done by midnight oil.Did physics,in the 1920's,really consist of argument,seminar,discussion,dispute? Yes it did! Yes it still does! The people who met here,the people who meet in laboratories still,only end their work with a mathematical formulation.They begin it by trying to solve the riddles of the sub-atomic particles,of the electrons and the rest.Think of the puzzles the electron was setting just at that time.On Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays,it would behave like a particle.On Tuesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays it would behave like a wave.How could you match those two aspects,brought from the large scale world and pushed into a single entity into this Lilliput,Gulliver's Travels world of the inside of the atom?
That's what it was about,and that requires,not calculation,but insight,imagination,if you like-metaphysics.
I remember a phrase that Max Born used when he came to England many years after,and that still stands in his autobiography,he said "I am now convinced that theoretical physics is actual philosophy".
Jacob Bronowski "The Ascent of Man"

A farmer, it is said, hired a team of scientists to advise him on improving his dairy production. After six months' work they prepared their report. The farmer began to read, only to encounter the opening sentence: 'Consider a spherical cow.'
There's an important message behind this hoary tale. The shapes that we see in nature, and the traditional geometric shapes of mathematics, do not always bear much resemblance to one another.
Sometimes they do. In 1610 Galileo said that the language of nature is mathematics, and 'its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometrical figures'. His dramatic successes in dynamics explain his viewpoint. But by 1726 Jonathan Swift was ridiculing such a philosophy in Gulliver's Voyage to Laputa: 'If they would praise the beauty of a woman, or any other animal, they describe it by rhombs, circles, parallelograms, ellipses, and other geometrical terms.'
These quotations find a modern echo in a much-quoted statement of Benoit Mandelbrot in 'The Fractal Geometry of Nature: 'Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line.'
Ian Stewart "Does God Play Dice?"

There was another way of seeing this mysterious constancy, Einstein realized. It was as if the different tourists' perceptions of space and time changed in accordance with their individual motions, in such a way that the speed of light and only the speed of light-always appeared the same. According to this interpretation, Einstein's universe was based on a cosmic-size optical illusion whose confounding effects were universal. No matter how fast a person was moving, his reckoning of an inch and a second always changed so as to leave unchanged his reckoning of the speed of light! The effect called to mind Jonathan Swift's most famous traveler. Had Gulliver's own height changed during his strange journey-had he himself shrunk while in Lilliput and grown while in Brobdignag,then his impressions about the size of everything and everyone around him would have remained unchanged.
Michael Guillen "5 Equations that Changed the World"

Jonathan Swift is reputed to have observed , "You cannot reason a person out of a position he did not reason himself into in the first place." So, if science is taught as just a collection of (assumed-to-be) facts, it is nothing but dogma. Dogma stoutly resists subsequent displacement by reason.
It seems that anything people have learned prior to puberty takes on the status of an immutable truth (this is something well understood by parents, governments, and religions).
Alistair B Fraser :

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