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And I fear I have nothing to give......Sarah McLachlan

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I want to be invisible
I want to be like air
I want to be supernatural
To be in Satan's lair

I want to fly on crow's wings
Oh Universe,
Can't you make me
As if I wasn't there?

I want to make love forever
In a firmament of lust
And feel the breath of angels
Falling as star dust

I want to see with sonar
And have the blind man's touch
I want the supersenses
To be a superman
To create a heaven
Upon this Earth
I wonder if I can?

I long to dive the ocean
And climb into the sky
The genetic permutation
Never let's me try

My quintessential being
Is a helix and a "Y"
The 5th element cannot be found
And I'm not afraid to die

I want to be Russell Nash
And live like Connor McLeod
But these telomeres inside me
Are simply not allowed

There's logic and there's chaos
And I walk these caves of ice
Xanadu eludes me
And God it seems,plays dice

A lover and a joker
A thinker and a fool
The symmetry and ratio
Both break the golden rule

I have everything and nothing
A cretan paradox
The theory of the set
Is to be crazy like a fox

I'm folded up like origami
Mutated DNA
And Mars it shines upon me
As I work and rest and play

Will I ever know a panther's grace
Or soar just like a bird?
With Newton and Bernouilli
Keeping me aloft
Whichever is preferred

Or know the depths of ocean
The pressure of the sea
That the giant blue cetacean knows
Flowing over me?

The left hand of the electron
And right hand of my brain
The hemispheres reflecting
A non-Euclidean tiling plane

I want to be self-similar
On every fractal scale
And experience a vertical slumber
The posture of the whale

I want to be nocturnal
And see the passing of the day
I want to see the Tannhauser Gate
And see sea beams dance and play

I want all my memories
Not to be tears in rain
Before my flesh falls into dust
I want to live again

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Drinking the Blood of the Unicorn.

A light came to me in the dark
A fire was burnt from icicle spark
A phoenix rose from passion's flame
And revenge served cold revealed the shame

Everything I wanted became lost
And no one can ever know the cost
I drank the blood of the unicorn
A half life I live undead;unborn

A curse to always tell the truth
A spell cast and given proof
The lips that touched the blood so pure
Are forced to speak so true and sure

Create sounds of emotional violence
I long to breathe in the silence
A sound that could kill someone
How I wish my words were gone

Or that they were never spoken
And the unicorn from death was woken
A love murdered,continues to bleed
Because those words were not given heed

Jack and Lily never found the light
The Legend has dissolved from sight
Near dark,I become an evil vampire
And all my truth is uttered by a liar

And so I drink the blood again
No matter the intensity of pain
I weep and ache for the loss I make
And I am crippled by my own heartache

A heart so full,the vows are broken
Because I dared utter,the words unspoken
All I wanted was too show love
An iron fist in a velvet glove

I am the creator of my own demise
I cannot see love in my loved one's eyes
I raped and killed my only heart
And could not help but play my part

I loose the guillotine on my own love
It's "time to die" as I release the dove
I have seen things beyond belief
But I am imprisoned and will not know relief

Dead is the unicorn,I drink it's blood
My words I fear can do no good
To silence I must take a vow
And try to live a half life somehow

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