Black only classes for boys demanded


BLACK boys should be taught in separate classes from their white peers to help them do better at school, a race campaigner claims.

Too many of them are failing academically, said Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality.

Many black boys suffered from a culture where it was not cool to be clever and they lacked self-esteem and good role models, he added.

'It's time for some shock treatment,' Mr Phillips told BBC1's Inside Out programme, which will be shown tonight. 'If the only way to break through the wall of attitude that surrounds black boys is to teach them separately for some subjects, then we should be ready for that.'

He also called for tougher action against black fathers to compel them to act more responsibly towards their sons.

'If they can't be bothered to turn up for parents' evening, should they expect automatic access to their sons?' Mr Phllips asked.

'We need to embrace some new if unpalatable ideas both at home and at school. None of us, least of all the next generation of black children, can afford a repeat of the last 40 years.'

He also said that more male black teachers were needed, 'tempting them with extra cash if necessary'. Figures published last month showed black teenagers continued to lag far behind their white classmates at GCSE level, although there were signs the gap was narrowing. Last year, 35.7 per cent of black Caribbean pupils in England scored at least five C-grades at GCSE, compared with a national average of 51.9 per cent.
[Metro Mar7,2005]

My comment - Trevor Phillips is a racist - and even thnks in terms of colour - and is creating a prejudice - does he not realise that lots of boys and girls have problems and one cannot target "colour" for special treatment - this IS what racism is - it's jut that in South Africa it was NEGATIVE treatment  - Mr Phillips is indicative of the clowns we have working in out government - there are no such thing as "black children" - there are only children - and it is an affront to people of other origins for him to single out "black" people in this way - as much as it was in Apartheid - does he not think that other groups of people have problems too - what's so special about the colour of someone's skin Mr Phillips - I though that  was what you were protecting us from? The only way Mr Phillips can know that BLACKS are failing at school is because someone is measuring what BLACK people are doing - to measure this - requires an institutionally racist organisation that thinks in terms of skin colour - clearly Mr Phillips does - and clearly his racial equality unit is a sham and is actually undermining racial harmony. No one is going to tempt me - a white person(?) with extra cash are they Mr Phillips - because I do not have a racist WHITE ONLY organisation working in my favour - the sooner the CRE is demolished the better.
See the ETHICS page about some of the subjects here.I note that the following days Metro carried a story  saying the cardinals were being urged to elect a "black pope" - I do not know of anything more that could render belief in a God a farce.

"Workplace racism is ruining careers"

Black workers career prospects are being damaged by rcaism in the workplace,it was claimed yesterday. They receive fewer training opportunities than white counterparts even though they are often better qualified,the TUC said in a report. Research shows that just 28 per cent of black workers are graduates compared with 20 per cent of whites.Yet almost a third had never been offered training 'Racism prevents black workers from reaching their potential," a TUC spokesman said." [Metro Apr15,2005]

My comment: Who in the hell are "black workers" and "white workers"? - Why does not theTUC recognise that it is their OWN way of measuring such statistics and defining groups that ARE black and white that CAUSES racism?! People are people -they are not coloured groups. What colour are those people of mixed heritage or do they not count?

"Look at their faces - they all look the same" - small boy in "Volcano" after everyone gets covered in ash.

So, honestly, who lies to you at work?


'I'VE hurt my back and I won't be in today'... 'I definitely sent that e-mail'... 'I rang them six or seven times'.

They don't sound very convincing but probably sound very familiar.

That is because we feel little compunction about telling the truth at work and are less likely to be honest in the office than at any other time, new research shows.

More than a quarter of us admit lying to our colleagues and managers.

We are also routinely untruthful about our qualifications and salary and make up parts of our CV.

It is a part of a pattern of fibbing that sees seven out of ten of us hiding the truth up to five times a day. Women are the worst culprits and we lie more the older we get, the study shows. -

The most common things we lie about are our feelings towards people we do not like, the amount of alcohol we drink and what we eat, our weight and age, and the number of sexual partners we have had or if we even have one.

A quarter of the 1,600 people questioned for Cornish pasty maker Ginsters admitted they faked orgasms and said they would tell someone 'I love you without meaning it.

Four out of five, however, said they lied to spare another person's feelings.

Body language expert Prof Geoff Beattie, of the University of Manchester, said. 'Lying is a really big part of our everyday lives. We tell fibs to make ourselves feel better and even lie to ourselves when we claim that we can spot lies and liars with ease. We are actually not very good at the whole lying game and it shows.'
[Metro Mar7,2005]

Danger at the sharp end of the art world

IT'S a thorny problem for Britain's tallest sculpture -its huge spikes are in danger of falling off. Emergency work is being carried out on the Manchester artwork. The 184ft metal structure, B of the Bang, has been fenced off to protect the public and engineers are fitting dampeners to stop its spikes moving too much. Two months ago, a 7ft shard fell from the statue during high winds. A spokesman for the New East Manchester regeneration company said:

'To ensure every possible precaution has been taken, a mechanism has been designed to restrict the movement of spikes beyond the original design capacity. When this is installed, the fence will be removed'

[Metro Mar 8,2005]

My comment: It's a pity the artist doesn't know physics!

Tap class: Christopher GuestROCK legends The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have been beaten by a band of heavy metal misfits who don't even really exist. They were put in their place in a poll to find Britain's favourite rock'n'roil movie by Spinal Tap. The fictional group won cult status for 'classics' such as Lick My Love Pump and Sex Farm Woman and having a guitarist with his amps adjusted so the volume 'goes up to 11'. The characters, created hy Christopher Guest and Michael McKean, featured in Rob Reiner's 1984 spoof 'rockumentary' This Is Spinal Tap. The movie followed the hard-rocking British trio on an ill-fated US tour, trying and failing to flog their latest album, Smell The Glove.

Now, the group acclaimed for 'their exuberance, their raw power - and their punctuality', has come top in the poll by Mojo magazine. Andrew Male, Mojo's deputy editor, said: 'It really captures the madness of being on the road and at times it is better than a real documentary.' In second place was The Last Waltz, Martin Scorsese's film of The Band's star-studded farewell gig. The Beatles classic A Hard Day's Night was No.3, while the film of the Rolling Stones' Altamont concert, Gimme Shelter,ranked fourth. [Metro 4Apr,2005]