Atheism 33.Adam and Eve

Recent developments in DNA sequencing have shown that mankind's lineage can be traced back to "Mitochondrial Eve" and "Mitochondrial Adam".Creationists have seized upon this to try to say that science is proving that the bible account is true - what it actually shows is both their own ignorance and their potential to try to exploit scientific ideas for their own ends when it suits them and deny them when they do not suit their presumptions.
In fact what the evidence ACTUALLY shows is that the female line cane be traced to a class of forebears and the male line can be traced to a line of forebears - this is not just one man and woman alive at the same time - though what it may do is show how the bible may only be a rather ignorant account of happenings SINCE that point - it certainly does not tell us what happened beforehand and since the people around at the time of "Adam and Eve" would not have been able to write - it is impossible that their story could be in a book - we are much more likely to find it in cave paintings - and their image was not made in that of God either.
The bible tells us that God spoke to Adam and vice versa - Adam therefore is a "modern man" with a fully fledged larynx- this is totally at odds with the evidence which shows mankind developed language over time and at one time was more akin to a beast - arguments that presume man's dominance over creatures rest on the notion that our morality and intelligence derive from God - if this is not true then we have no right to treat creatures as less than ourselves - the idea that God granted us something peculiar and that animals are our slaves allows people to treat animals with disdain and disrespect them and can lead to ideas which think it is okay to hunt foxes - the fact is that animals such as parrots can make sentences and understand concepts - this does not speak of us having a peculiar dispensation from God - it is further evidence that we are just like other creatures - evolved from previous versions - and the evidence shows we have things in common with the higher apes - even down to their inability to produce vitamin C.Adam and Eve can only be a story of RECENT history if it is any account at all - it in no way reflects the actual evidence of man gaining consciousness and morality has he learned to speak..

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