The Butterfly Effect

Evan Treborn

Release Date: April 30th
Directors: Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber
Casting Couch: Amy Smart, Ashton Kutcher Elden Henson, Eric Stoltz and Melora Walters
Distributor: Icon
Certificate: 15

Ashton Kutcher stars as Evan Treborn, a young and happy man who shares his life with his beautiful young girlfriend Kayleigh (Amy Smart). However Evan's happiness is disturbed by troubling flashbacks of his childhood. When Evan's girlfriend dies he is devastated and would do anything to bring her back. Slowly he begins to realise that he can manipulate the flashbacks to his childhood and by channeling the mystic energy that they create Evan is able to travel back in time end take the place of his younger self.
Evan, of course, is desperate to harness this power in order to prevent his girlfriend from dying. But in travelling back and attempting to change the course of history Evan's actions lead to ever worsening consequences. This is reflective of the film's title-the philosophical notion that a butterfly's wings can cause a chain reaction leading to a hurricane. Each time Evan sends the course of history off-line he is compelled to go back again, making things increasingly worse. What Evan must come to terms with is that his girlfriend is gone, because even when he averts her death, events conspire to keep them apart. Moreover his actions are becoming increasingly detrimental to others. Co-written and directed by Eric Brass and J. Mackye Gruber, ' The Butterfly Effect' is a dark sci-fi drama with high aspirations and much to say on the consequences of individual human action.

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Cineworld Apr-May 2004

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