Web Glossary

Bookmark : To save you typing out a web address each time you want to visit a favourite internet site, bookmarking a page stores the information and allows you to go there instantly.

Browser : A software program, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, that allows you to view pages on the Internet.

cache : A small memory hank inside your computer Each time you visit websites on the Internet, the cache stores all the images and text from those sites.This speeds up the download time when you revisit a site.

Cookies : Cookies are small files that recognise repeat users of a website. They can save you time by storing your personal information so that you do not have to re-enter this on every visit.

Downloads : Anything you find on a website that you want to keep. It could be a entire software package, or a picture of a favourite celebrity

Encryption : The process of converting data into a coded form. Useful for sending messages you don't want the wrong people to read.

E-tailing/electronic retailing : The selling of retail goods on the World Wide Web beeb.com has links to some of the biggest e-tailers on the net.

HTML : HyperText Mark-up Language the set of codes or "tags" inserted in a file that tell a browser how to display a web page's words and images properly to the user.

Internet : Worldwide network of computers, including yours, that acts like a great electronic high street, letting you go where you want to. Usually it's a website you access, but you can also get into newsgroups, discussion areas, Internet phone, live chats and a host of software.

ISP : This one stands for Internet Service Provider, which is a company or organisation, such as beeb.net or AOL, that provides access to the Internet.

Portal : As in the real world, a portal on the Internet grants you access to other places - in this case, other Internet sites.

Secure server : A safe memory bank that holds personal information, such as a credit card number.

SSL : Secure Sockets Layer a software system used on beeb.com that encrypts, or scrambles, important information such as credit card details.This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to read.

URL : Universal (Uniform) Resource Locator, which is just technobabble for a website address, eg. www.radiotimes.com.

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