Quantum Philosophy Quantum Physics John Horgan New experiments - real and imagined - are probing ever more deeply into the surreal quantum realm.
Nature's Sums Biomathematics Simon Singh If DNA is the building blocks of biology then maths maybe the builder.
What's Logic got to do with it? Inspiration Marcus Chown Some of the greatest flashes of scientific inspiration were sparked by utterly illogical thinking.
Library at Alexandria History Alan Philps and Alasdair Palmer The Egyptian government is trying to recreate the "Bibliotheca Alexandrina" on the site of one of the seven wonders of the world.
Art of Discovery Science Horace Freeland Judson Science is our era's art.
Open Minds:The Big Idea Science Transcript The Philosophy of Science.
All Animals are Equal Moral Philosophy Peter Singer Peter Singer argues that speciesism is as bad as racism.
What are the rights of cockroaches? Animal Rights Auberon Waugh The argument for human "superiority" over animals.
Bird's-eye view of art Animal Intelligence Gareth Huw Davies Meet the pigeon who knows a thing or two about Picasso.
Who's a clever boy then? Animal Intelligence Gareth Huw Davies Dumb animals? No way,says the concluding part of Clever Dicks,which this week narrows the field for the title of animal Mastermind.
On the Naturaless of Things Scientific Philosophy Mary Catherine Bateson What is meant by "natural" and how is it misapplied?.
Come on,get happy Philosophy Alain de Botton The Philosophy of Happiness.
It's called Philosophy Philosophy Alain de Botton Philosophy to aid modern woes.
Jackpot Opinion Polly Toynbee Gambling and the arts.
Badger Cull Animal Rights Sean Wood How guilty is the badger of spreading TB to cattle? And is culling the solution?
Here comes the Hunt Animal Rights Sean Wood Views on Foxhunting.
Bearing Zoos Animal Rights Sean Wood Stir craziness of animals in zoos.
Boiling Blood Animal Rights Sean Wood The wrongly blamed magpie and hare coursing.
Magical Memories Environment Sean Wood Sean visits Dunguaire Castle on Galway Bay.
Language test spells success Education Howard Smith Drive to give pupils of 14 grammar skills.
Glorious Past Education Peter Hitchens Why are we so ashamed of our past?
Soaps don't wash Education Mark Travis New soap operas course could lead students to university.
Shadow 8 Aesthetics Roger Penrose Mathematical Aesthetics.
Women in Science Culture Anne Eisenberg The male domination of science.
North Square Opinion Polly Toynbee Polly reviews the series on barristers and finds it guilty of showing the truth.
Nature of science Philosophy Isaac Asimov Asimov waxes lyrical about science and the human beings that perform it.
Sculptures in the Void Art William Latham Computers and art meet to produce three-dimensional representations of sculptures that do not actually exist .
Science & Beauty Science Isaac Asimov Asimov on why science doesn't negate but enhances beauty.
Geography & Human Song Music Graham Pont In the West, a tune often begins with a rising lilt. But music in other parts of the world seems to follow a different pattern. What might this tell us about our musical perceptions?
Striking the Right Note Music Kathryn Brown Perfect pitch is a rare talent possessed solely by the likes of Beethoven, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, right? Wrong, it's turning up all over the place.
The Mozart Effect Music Gary Kliewer Can the beautiful music of one of Europe's greatest composers really help you think better,or even soothe a broken brain?
Virtuso Performance Music Bob Holmes Is it a whistle, is it a flute, is it a kazoo? The instrument that shapes the glorious music of songbirds has remained a mystery... until now.
Poet's Corner Poetry Alex Warner A wonderful time was had by all at an evening of live poetry.
Dexterous robot Technology Will Knight A robot that can make delicate paper models using the ancient Japanese art of origami has been developed by a US student.
The Species Enigma Ecology Martin Brookes Everyone has heard of endangered species - there are more each year. But what are species and how do we tell them apart. And is simply counting them the best way to work out which habitats are worth conserving?
Arcadia Drama Library Theatre Drama by Tom Stoppard gets its sums right.





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