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Cosmic Energy

Dolphin Therapy

Dolphins navigate by ultrasound,a navigation technique which may also have a therapeutic,healing effect on the human body.Research is underway to explore why dolphins are fascinated by,and very vocal around,autistic and Downs Syndrome children.

Dolphin Human Therapy :
International Dolphin Watch : Email :

Earthquake Prediction

Some people are very sensitive to the magnetic energy released by geological stress which precedes natural events such as earthquakes,producing what some call "seismic flu".There is also evidence that animals may have similar sensitivity.This phenomenon is being investigated as a possible early warning system to predict earthquakes.

US Geological Survey : Email :
Earthquake prediction online :
Earthquake predictions using remote viewing and psychic power :

Low and High Frequency Noise

Our ears hear only a narrow range of sound frequencies.Frequencies that are higher or lower can affect the body and senses in different ways.Extreme ranges of sound frequencies can heal and have therapeutic effect on our bodies.However they can also cause extreme distress.

Noisewatch :

The Body Electric


According to traditional Chinese medicine,our health is dependent on the body's motivating energy known as Qi (or chi),moving in a smooth and balanced way through a series of meridians (channels) beneath the skin [There is no evidence that this is true -LB]. Qi consists of equal and opposite qualities - Yin and Yang - and when these become unbalanced,illness may result.By inserting needles into the body,an acupuncturist can stimulate the body's own healing response and help restore its natural balance.

The British Acupuncture Council : Email :
Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine :
British Medical Acupuncture Society : Centre for the Study of Complementary Medicine :


An aura is a field of energy that is said to surround living bodies. Some individuals are very sensitive to these electromagnetic spectrums and are able to see auras of different colours surrounding people. [There is no proof that auras are anything other than static or EM discharges known to be produced by biological material.It is highly unlikely that anyone can see them -LB] :
Wagner Research Laboratory :  Email :

Qi Gong (Chi Kung)

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) means "Energy Cultivation" and uses exercises involving mind,eyes,movement and breath to improve health and increase the sense of harmony within oneself and in the world.[Without defining what "harmony" is -LB] The mind is the presence of intention,the eyes are the focus of intention,the movement is the action of intention,and the breath is the flow of intention.Qi Gong breathing requires slow inhaling that allows a person to acquire voluntary control of the function. An electronic instrument monitors body states such as skin temperature and muscle tension.By being aware of these different states,a person can then gain control over the normally automatic functions and deal with illness such as migraine and high blood pressure.[It should be noted that some body processes are NOT under the control of the mind,and no matter how much mind control is exerted it will have absolutely NO effect.There is anecdotal evidence that states of mind affect the body,and it is in common wisdom that facing illness in good humour increases your chances of overcoming it -LB]

Biofeedback Foundation of Europe :
Biofeedback net :
The biofeedback Webzine :

Free Diving

Free diving,or breath-hold diving,si the earliest of all diving techniques,and has been used for thousands of years to search for underwater food and treasure. Free divers control their breathing by relaxation techniques (see under Visualization) so they are able to over-ride the normally automatic reflexes that govern our bodies. Once they have control over the reflex that stops them gasping for breath [I thought the reflex MADE you gasp for breath-LB] for several minutes at a time and dive to depths of hundreds of metres. [It should be noted that pressure increases with depth,and that without special equipment the body is under duress and can be crushed or suffer from "the bends" if surfacing to quickly.No amount of mind control can alter these physical facts -LB]

The Zen of Free Diving :
Breathing Exercises :


Hypnosis was named after the Greek word "hypnos" meaning "to sleep" by English 18th century physician James Braid. Hypnosis is a state of consciousness where a person loses the power of voluntary control over the mind and body and is highly responsive to suggestion. Hypnosis can be used as a therapeutic technique for physical illness and self-development.

British Society for Hypnotherapists : Email : :


Visualization is a process of creating a mental image in your mind's eye and concentrating on it.Visualization can be used by people to help heal their own bodies,through concentrating on and imagining themselves well with their bodies's natural defences and immune systems working together,to fight disease and overcome ill health. For some this has proved to be a very useful technique in the fight against cancer. Others use visualization to help them master difficult physical and mental tasks.

The Conscious Creation Journal :
Bristol Cancer Help Centre :
Research Council for Complementary Medicine : Email :
New Approaches to Cancer UK : Email :
Natural Healing UK :

Kung-Fu Wu-Su

Kung-Fu Wu-Su is a martial art which has been practise for thousands of years [Which is NOT testimony to its efficacy -LB]. It is a discipline that promotes a harmonious blend of body,mind and spirit [Except there is no such thing as a spirit,and the mind/body dichotomy is a false paradigm -LB]. Kung means discipline; Fu means person; Wu means martial and Su translates as technique.

Email :

Mind over Matter


Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) is a general term for obtaining information about events beyond the reach of the normal senses. ESP includes telepathy - direct mind-to-mind communication,precognition (also called premonition)- obtaining information about the future events,where the information could not be inferred through normal means,and clairvoyance - obtaining information about events at remote locations,beyond the reach of the normal senses.

Consciousness Research Laboratory : Email :
Institute of Noetic Sciences :
Society for Psychical Research :
Central Premonitions Registry :
Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology Unit :
Parapsychology Foundation Inc :

Out-of-Body and Near-Death Experiences

Out-of-Body experiences occur when people have lucid experiences outside of their physical body,often during sleep.A near-death experience happens when the individual is resuscitated from a traumatic incident or clinical death.An experience may include moving through a darkness or tunnel,encountering the presence of deceased loved ones and other entities,an indescribable light or menacing darkness,and receiving some variant of the message "It is not yet your time".Many people exhibit behavioural changes afterwards.

Charles Tart's Papers :
Out-of-Body experiences :
International Association for Near-Death Studies :

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is the human potential to acquire information and knowledge without using the normal five senses by gathering information from remote locations when in a woken state,using only the mind.The US Government ran the STARGATE project until 1995 to research into the potential of remote viewing.

The Controlled Remote Viewing Home Page :
The International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) :
Cognitive Sciences Library :

Further Information

Exceptional Human Experiences Network :
Fortean Times Online :
International Society of Life Information Science :

Sceptical Views

The Skeptic :
Quackwatch :



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