I'll take my beliefs about gravity to my grave stone

by Edward Swinden

Grave plan:David Martin

When it comes to planning ahead, David Martin can't be faulted. He's just paid £2,000 for a carved marble gravestone with a blank space left for the date of his death. Mr Martin, of Austin Drive, Didsbury, a former labourer turned amateur scientist, has spent five years trying to get someone to publish his view that gravity does not exist, but without success.
So Mr Martin has written a 20 line poem and had it carved onto his headstone. "No one can stop me printing my views on my own grave", he said. "The media can ignore me, but this ensures publication.
Mr Martin, aged 80, has reserved a plot in Southern Cemetery, Chorlton, and left instructions on what to do after his death. Concerns were raised that he would not be allowed to erect the headstone, following a clampdown by cemeteries on "undignified" memorials. But a cemetery spokesman said: "It is an unusual request, but we would accept the inscription. But, of course, Mr Martin is not dead yet and regulations may change in years to come."
Mr Martin is determined to prove to people that Newton was wrong and that gravity does not exist. He said: "Let me confess that I am not clever, or even well-educated. "Nevertheless and I have some intuitive knowledge. My poem describes a universe which is almost exactly the opposite to the one that scientists believe in today. "I am certain that Leibnitz was right and Newton was wrong. The population of the world has been following the wrong man for 300 years."


1919 -

I am against those who think God could have done better, thanks God for my life, my wife Doreen and everything.

After 76 voyages around the sun,I am ready
to assert that space is not inert.
The world through space does not go.
Space carries the world to and fro.
It is the conveyer of our sphere. Be of
good cheer. The truth at last is here.
Let it be said "Gravity is dead." "Newton
was mad." "The people have been had."
God can make a tree but not gravity.
With smooth effortless grace the super fluid
called space carries our world apace.
We pay no heed to our 20 miles per
second speed because super fluid engineering
at Nature's best makes perpetual motion seem like rest. With hot stars
and our sun burning and churning,
space is alive and pulsating with energy electrified.

In a whirlpool of space our world
plays its part 93 million miles away from the sun's boiling bubbling heart.
David Martin

Message for posterity: David Martin's headstone inscription

Metro Mar16 2000

My comment: First of all science is not a belief system.Mr Martin along with a lot of other people seems to think that one is just persuaded upon a whim or it is a simple matter of siding with one view or another.
 Many people presume to question the authority of conventional scientific views upon an intuitive basis.Not many of them confess to not being clever or lacking in education.
In order to take issue with something that has held sway for so long a time such as the notion of gravity as it is maintained today,one must very much BE educated and supply working equations or lines of reasoning that dispute the hypothesis or theory.Merely saying "Well I don't think it's like that" doesn't wash.Gravity as a warp in space time due to mass is consistent with all other theories in physics,save the inability to combine it with the main explanations in Quantum Physics.In order to dispute it,one must either show how the alternate idea is so consistent,or show how the whole basis of physics is found wanting.
 The audacity of ignoramuses to make such claims without supporting what they say with annotation or proof is the realm of those who claim to have found an easy way to defy gravity for propulsion or have found something that defies the known laws of physics. One is either a well-informed,educated scientist well-aware of what things have to be taken into account,or a complete charlatan full of bravado and sour grapes that your "intuition" is overlooked by far smarter people.It is quite clear that Mr Martin falls into the latter category.
 A scientific process has to show itself to function REGARDLESS of what one believes.One may believe something,but it is incumbent upon that person to provide proof that what they suggest is true.If Mr Martin thinks that the orthodox view is wrong merely saying "The people have been had,Newton is mad" is a pathetic rant consistent with the mentality of a spoilt child.Provide the proof Mr Martin,EDUCATED proof,INFORMED proof,mathematics which defeats Newton, before you going spouting your mouth off about things about which you know nothing. The same goes for anyone making the same claims.

This is the REAL situation,Mr Martin - but perhaps it is too complex for you:

HOW IT WORKS- GRAVITY Higgs Boson-The God Particle M-Theory





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